MHCII3D – Structure based prediction of MHC II binding peptides.


MAESTRO – Multi AgEnt STability pRedictiOn – is a versatile tool in the field of stability change prediction upon point mutation. [more]


MAESTROweb provides access to the most important features of MAESTRO by an easy to use web service. [more]


!!! Due to changes in the technical basis (Java,DAS,..) of D-Light we are no longer able to maintain this tool. If you are still interested in using D-Light, send us an E-mail. !!! D-Light on Promoters is a lightweighted, DAS based, client-server system for quering and viewing annotation data on promoter sequences.

rsa_logoReference Structural Alignments

Reference alignments for the accuracy assessment of protein structure or sequence comparison methods. [more]

pfmlogoProtein Function Score

The “Protein Function Score” (PFS) is a software tool that evaluates Swiss-Prot entries with respect to their functional information content. [more]