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Point mutations can have a strong impact on protein stability. A change in stability may subsequently lead to dysfunction and finally cause diseases. Moreover, protein engineering approaches aim to deliberately modify protein properties, where stability is a major constraint.

In order to support basic research and protein design tasks we have implemented MAESTRO[1], a Multi AgEnt STability pRedictiOn tool for changes in unfolding free energy upon point mutation. MAESTRO is structure based and distinguishes from similar approaches in the following points: (i) MAESTRO implements a multi-agent machine learning system. (ii) It provides predicted ΔΔG values along with a corresponding prediction quality measure. (iii) MAESTRO is applicable to biological assemblies. (iv) It provides high throughput scanning for multi-point mutations where sites and types of mutation can be comprehensively controlled. (v) Finally, the software provides a specific mode for the prediction of stabilizing disulfide bonds.

[1] MAESTRO - multi agent stability prediction upon point mutations. Laimer J, Hofer H, Fritz M, Wegenkittl S and Lackner P. BMC Bioinformatics. 2015 Apr 16;16(1):116.

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